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 Saying Hello

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PostSubject: Saying Hello   Saying Hello Empty2/4/2011, 5:48 pm

I thought I would say hi to the like minded beautiful people here on this forum. A bit about me, grew up in Portland quite normally (what is that anyway), had a traumatic injury and didn't walk for 2 years, found martial arts, and became physically more than I ever thought I could be. The martial art I study has a three leaf white clover within its coat of arms. Each leaf represents an attribute of our being, Mind-Body-Spirit. The white color represents the striving for of purity within each attribute. After training for around 15 years my instructor had some personal issues and really went by the way side, let’s just say that began my quest to understand this clover thing. I understood physical and parts of mental training, but asked myself what is spiritual training and how do you do it. When I left my instructor for things I just couldn't be a part of, my next instructor was a devout Muslim. He was a beautiful and gracious black man who accepted me for exactly who I was and guided me to some really great understanding. He knew I didn't hold the same beliefs as he did and did not judge me nor shunned me in any way. He didn't push his beliefs onto me and I watched him follow his path flawlessly and with high integrity. He was simply an amazing man and martial artist. I give him credit for cracking me open spiritually as his example showed me his inner strength and devotion to a power greater than he. From here one of my own students gave me a cassette tape called “Anatomy of the Spirit” written by Caroline Myss. This book takes 3 traditions and shows universal truth overlaying into a really great message but also a process. This cracked me open even further. From there I have studying and experiencing anything and everything I can.

From all of this I have become a better parent, husband, teacher, friend, employee, and just a better person as highlighted from all the positive events that continually unfold in my life. This study has allowed me to design a program that I call Integrative Qigong where I merge breath-work, meditation, prayer, affirmation, movement, and intention into a holistic experience balancing the energies of mind and body connecting with spirit increasing one’s ability to concentrate, focus, access intuition, and be more mindful for martial art training or day to day living. I feel our natural state is a state of joy and strive every day when I wake up and before my feet hit the floor I set my intention for a day filled with that natural state. It is through the tools I have learned when duality hits hard how to stay on the positive side of the experience or some negative situation plays out guiding that said situation to flow through me and the experience to resolve.

I don't get on here enough and appreciate Sacred Fire for all the hard work keeping a place where like minded people can share their thoughts, experiences, and ideas that simply helps all of us learn and grow in our understanding.

With Love & Light,
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Saying Hello
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