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 Mental Projection/Telepathy/Picture-mind talk

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Mental Projection/Telepathy/Picture-mind talk Empty
PostSubject: Mental Projection/Telepathy/Picture-mind talk   Mental Projection/Telepathy/Picture-mind talk Empty5/8/2010, 11:55 pm

My friend and I had a conversation about when we talk how we picture things in our minds in person. So we did some experimenting last night. Smile We started projecting images and names to each other. The detail was not 100% but we both found we were able to pick up what the other was projecting close enough. We even did music, which is very hard so we paired images with it.

I found though if I lost concentration for a second, while projecting. My friend would pick up whatever it was, that I had lost my concentration on instead of what I had wanted to project. It was quite extraordinary. Now the best part, he lives on the Coastal Oregon and I live in Southern California.

Feel free to share your own personal knowledge of this and I will continue to update as we practice.
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Mental Projection/Telepathy/Picture-mind talk
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