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 Standalone Entity

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PostSubject: Standalone Entity   3/31/2010, 1:10 pm

In talking with Sifutimg while I was going through a 'spiritual detox' of sorts, the idea of standalone entity came up. This peeked my interest and the thought immediately launched me outside of myself so I was able to look back in at myself.

My first thought was, "What is a standalone entity?"
For me it is someone that has pealed away all the conditioning, layers, attachments, judgments, is and expresses securely the core of their truth and spirit which manifests in health, security and stability - healthy choices and body, financial security, emotional and mental clarity and stability - resulting in peaceful, joyful presence. This individual can then make unattached conscious choices about their life.

This seems so daunting at first yet the notion of that purity so liberating!

How do I do this?
Well I guess I am going to continue to look at what I am attached to? I mean really attached to. The way I recognize this for me is when I start feeling guilty or not able to let go about something - i.e. not doing a particular task, buying gift for someone or yourself even though you are broke, not being able to let go of some idea or an object because in some way I think I might miss it. To me the guilt or not being able to let go signifies a conditioned societal behavior or an attachment to something. If I can recognize recognize the feelings, identify where they are coming from, then I can make a choice about them. I can decide whether I want to continue to stay in the behavior or if I want to change it and make a choice that is healthier for me.

The second thing I am going to do is focus more on honoring my self, body and little successes along the way. I am going to try to making daily changes to my eating and exercise patterns so that I start detoxing my body and honoring it and myself. I know for myself I take my body's health for granted. I am also going to continue to honor my mind and spirit by giving my self 30 minutes of something just for me - music, quiet time, drawing, ??? I need to be able to reset my spirit and mind so it stays clear so I don't fall back into old patterns.

It sounds a bit selfish, however, if we are riddle with guilt and tied down with attachments then our body, mind and spirit will reflect this and become unhealthy and toxic. >> Good book on this is 'The Anatomy of the Spirit' by Caroline Myss. << If we are unhealthy in mind, body, spirit then we are toxic and won't have the health, presence, energy available when we want to be present with people or in situations.

I am by no means a standalone entity right now. I would like to be. I see lots of attachments and lack of honoring my body and self.

I would love to hear other thoughts or comments on this.
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PostSubject: Re: Standalone Entity   4/4/2010, 1:47 pm

Don't forget other emotions like animosity! That are held on to.
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Standalone Entity
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