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 Silver Tree Seeds

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PostSubject: Silver Tree Seeds   Silver Tree Seeds Empty3/5/2010, 12:51 pm

Sometimes I get mad or upset that I am human. We are so breakable. If you change only one little molecule in our air, we die. If you remove gravity, we die. We have to live within a 100 degree temperature or else we die. I don’t want to be that breakable. I want to be able to help people and be strong enough when something does go wrong. I don’t want to just die and be left knowing I was just a weak as everyone else in the world. Sometimes I think I’m different. Not just my looks or my actions but my genetic coding. I am a different race. I don’t know how to explain it and you probably don’t want to hear it but I just know I am not like everyone else. I am meant to help somehow… Every time someone brings up 2012 I always seem to want to cry. I know something will happen. It won’t be bad either.

I always dream about a tree. It is silver and has green leaves. When the wind blows the leaves fly off and travel a long way, through galaxies to different planets where they will fall, and then grow. The seeds soon become their own trees. The sap from these trees makes people/creatures and they are all happy. But they don’t know of the other trees and that makes the silver tree sad. Then a girl comes out of the tree. She shows the sap people the other trees. She spends great time teaching the sap people about these trees. Then 4 sap children and 3 sap adults come and talk to the girl. The four children each communicate with a different element, water air fire earth. The two adults communicate with animals and plants. The third reigns over the children and guides and reassures their actions. The children will grow to be older and have the knowledge to join with the trees and… I don’t know. I am always left with questions. I know you think I am crazy and will probably suggest a good psychologist but I don’t care. I need to tell someone before something happens and I don’t get the chance.
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Silver Tree Seeds
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