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 Another Poem.

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Another Poem. Empty
PostSubject: Another Poem.   Another Poem. Empty3/3/2010, 12:45 am

The wind reeks of broken hopes
Like someone’s holding you with old ropes
The chains of the dead took my last breath
Everyone thought I had the best
But in the night everything glows
And the true meaning of life flows
The broken promises, the faulty lies
I hear the wolves begin to cry
They sing my song best of all
The howls creep into you heart and crawl
You feel the sorrow echo in your every gasp
You have fallen into my quicksand trap
You kick and flail
But nothing prevails
You finally stop and stare into my eyes
I do nothing as I hear your cries
I twist a rope around your neck
You see in my eyes a golden fleck
It turns red
And you are dead
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Another Poem.
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