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 Bridging the Gap

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Bridging the Gap Empty
PostSubject: Bridging the Gap   Bridging the Gap Empty2/26/2010, 9:04 pm

Bridging the Gap is an important topic right now. It’s not that there is a gap but rather a lack of connecting the collective dots together. For some the conditioning by society, religion, government, and the media is so strong that the thought of creating a different type structure or way of thinking in the world makes them feel fearful and that it’s crazy.

It’s because of this that I feel it is extremely important for those of us wanting to create a more balanced, creative, healthy environment to know about the world’s history. Knowing why religions, astrology, technology, government, science, psychology, etc things came into existence, why people needed it at that time, and seeing how people are being conditioned everyday, helps us to understand how and why we are where we are at today.

So what do you do with this information once you know it?
You allow it to be and understand that what the world has gone through were important lessons for us to see and experience so that we hopefully don’t choose the ones that are not collectively helpful again. You then use the information in your daily lives to help create bridges between the old and the new ideas.

How? ... by knowing where someone’s or some group’s beliefs, ideas, values come from, why they are they way they are so to speak, you are able to create analogies tailored to them? It's about knowing your audience, where they came from and being able to share your ideas through a language (analogies) they understand. By doing this they will be more receptive, less fearful and more open to listening and creating something new.
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Bridging the Gap
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