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 Honoring Yourself

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PostSubject: Honoring Yourself   2/24/2010, 5:05 pm

Again another topic posted with permission from a great friend!

Quote :
As I read your email, think about our conversations, and intuit about your words about you feeling lost and conflicted I want to say this is normal for everyone. I know that statement may sound cliché but at least we all know we are not alone in this right?

Here is something to suggest as a way of breaking things up to see the pieces in order to identify areas where you may need some help. I have done this and it is helpful to me so am merely making the suggestion and sharing one of the tools I use constantly.

I look at myself as a physical being, a mental being, an emotional being, and a spiritual being. When I break those things up like this it helps me identify those pieces and then I can contemplate whether I am honoring each of them or not. I will use me as an example.

  • I honor my physical being by the type of exercise I do and the quality of the food and water I put into my body. I also love good natural soap like rose or lavender and shampoo. I use essential oils for various things stimulation my limbic brain. I get myself out in nature and make a conscious effort to use all my senses. I do breath work as the breath helps one to feel completely present as our breath is always now. I acknowledge I am an energy being capable of great healing.

  • I honor my mental body by reading and learning, meditating, and writing. I watch out for over analyzing things and getting to heady about things. I challenge my mind to puzzles and quotes.

  • I honor my emotional body by nurturing myself in ways like good soap. Sure this is physical but it relates to loving and liking yourself. I pay attention to what makes me feel negative or positive and realize I am always at choice about my emotions recognizing that I can truly control them no matter how yucky things are around me. I also recognize that it’s our feelings that help guide us helping us honor where we are at with whatever situation is around us. Now I am not saying to just go with what feels good as it does have to be tempered because some feelings are selfish and have their origin in fear. These I watch out for carefully because those can cause us to hurt ourselves or the people we love the most.

    The emotional body is tricky but once you pay attention to what makes it up and how it works then it really helps with the sense of peace and the joy we all wish to experience. Also feeling is the energetic component coupled with our thoughts that invoke the law of attraction. Thinking and feeling need to be done with the highest integrity or we just keep attracting those things that really don’t serve us.

  • I honor my spiritual body by acknowledging its divinity. This is of course is different for many people. I do believe in something greater than us and by acknowledging that I am a soul and a spirit this helps me harmonize all four bodies creating balance. I cultivate a personal relationship with the divine through ritual, prayer work, and affirmation. I invoke the various Archangels and Ascended Masters for help and guidance.

You may find this helpful I am not sure but for me it’s a good way to help break things up so that I can look at them individually as looking at all of them at the same time we can become overwhelmed. I believe in karma through the law of attraction so am very careful about where my thoughts go and what my actions are in response to a given situation. My belief in divinity or spirituality helps me temper my thoughts and actions even when ego wants to lash out
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Honoring Yourself
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