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 Future Love

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Future Love Empty
PostSubject: Future Love   Future Love Empty2/20/2010, 6:16 pm

Future Love

We are here all together
Striving for one goal
To be loved
And love is all

We try so hard
To find the one
Blindness and future
Stop the loving of anyone

We are a generation
Of a new love
A love that is not here at all

We are a generation
Of future love
A love that knows no love at all

Our children try to fight
The anger and the pain
When there's no love
It's hard to abstain

We lead out children blindly
We drive them in our ways
Instead of guiding them
in finding the way

We are a generation
Of false love
A love that will destroy all

We are a generation
With old love
Will be saved from a fall

~* Written 1985-1989 *~
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Future Love
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